Laga Cepower Ltd., is engaged in Engineering & Technical Services with extensive experience inPower, Oil&Gas, engineering. We are an Indigenous Engineering and Technical Services company registered and based in Nigeria with technical supports from a number of Foreign (American & European) Engineering Companies among whom are:

  • Custom Engineered Power Solutions(USA)
  • MAN Diesel Ltd (UK)
  • Electronic System & Controls (UK)
  • Nanjing Nari-Relays Electric Co. Ltd(China)
  • Crompton GreavesLtd (India)
  • Yash Export (India)
  • Quality Power Electrical Equipment Pvt Ltd. (India)
  • Silvani Antincendi SPA (Italy)

To effectively and efficiently provide qualitative services, by deploying modern engineering/technological practices and maintaining a highly competent and well-motivated work force, to meet the optimal satisfaction of our clients.

Our vision is to be a key player in the development of the Nigeria’s energy, Oil & Gas and industrial sector with the aim of attaining internationally recognized status as world class engineering service provider.

Laga Cepower Limited RC. 831583 is a Limited Liability company incorporated in Nigeria on the 15th day of July 2009.

We have in our employment well experienced engineers and highly skilled technicians who have worked in reputable organization such as PHCN, NNPC, Mobil,  and other engineering firms with professional from our foreign technical partners always readily available to complement our local workforce.

Laga Cepower Ltd is a Nigeria company with majority of its workforce being Nigerians. We have engaged various grades of professionals in our organization. Nigeria is our country and if it is to be developed, we have no other choice but to use our local manpower to achieve the required technology transfer. In our present project, we have engaged the services of competent Nigerian outfits/individuals in the execution of this project. Economic empowerment is the ultimate solution to nations build up. Ours is not different.

Laga Cepower has also teamed up with number of suppliers and subcontractors that have been identified as having met the tender requirement in High, Low voltages and control cables, civil works and electro-mechanical works.

As part of our strategy to achieve a good project result, we employed a team of competent Foreigners and Nigerians to work together. The Nigerian Engineers were to understudy the Foreign technocrats to achieve the desired technology transfer.

Our local young engineers have specific assignment and have been involved in on-site training. Besides, we have sent some of them to our equipment manufacturer’s plant for Factory Acceptance Test and training. Usually, they spend an extra one week at such factories for other training aspect after the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). They are fast developing in their various areas.

Laga Cepower has adopted human resource strategy that promotes ample opportunity for local employment throughout the construction period, with a target of a minimum of 70% of the total manpower requirement.

Laga Cepower acknowledges the importance of a competent and motivated workforce. All local labour/subcontractors engaged on our current project were supervised by highly experienced and competent expatriate staff of Laga Cepower, to ensure international quality project delivery and significant skill transfer.

The purpose and scope of human resource strategy shall ensure that:

  • No employee or job applicant receives less favourable Treatment on grounds of gender, religion, age or physical impediment.
  • No employee or job applicant is placed at a disadvantage by requirements or conditions which have a disproportionately adverse effect on him/her and which cannot be shown to be justifiable on grounds other than gender, religion, age or physical

Laga Cepower’s labour relations policies will, as a minimum, conform to the stipulations of the Basic Conditions of employment Act. Furthermore it will create a positive, nurturing working environment where employees are able not only to learn and develop new work skills, but where they are encouraged to develop holistically. The labour relations strategy will be pursued to develop employee commitment and to establish collaborative relationships with organized labour for business competitiveness.

This goes hand-in-hand with our Human, Resource Policies. Laga Cepower plans to enable skill development via a variety of channel and to a number of groups. During project implementation, skilled employees will be paired up with semi-skilled and unskilled employees to enable meaningful skills transfer from those with skills to those lacking in relevant skills.

Skilled members and/or Manager of Laga Cepower will similarly interact with members of local sub-contractors and/or other semi-or unskilled individuals to also enable a mentoring programme where managers guide individuals in skill and career development.

A bulk of the skill development programme will focus on learnership and skills programmes for those persons who do not have minimum entry requirement for Higher Education or do not have much formal education.